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Why you should use a Personal Shopper

Why you should use a Personal Shopper
9th May 2019 Sarah Gray
In Personal shopping
Why you should use a Personal Shopper
Guest blog by Sandra Ashford.

Who needs one of those I hear you say. I know my own style and what I like so why would I pay someone to give their opinion. Besides I have lots of friends who can help me with that!

Well these are all the things I said until I used Sarah Gray.

I do not like going round shops with other people, I prefer to have a wander round, see what takes my fancy and then try it on. The bit I really hate though is taking things into the changing room and nothing fits or looks good, so end up walking out empty handed.

Or how about that bargain you spotted in the sales. As you look at it longingly because it has 70% off and you think what a bargain it is, you never ask yourself if it will fit with your existing clothes in your wardrobe or when will I wear it.   Your eyes glaze over at the bargain and how you will be able to tell your friends how much money you saved in that exclusive shop you all covet.

Fast forward six months and the said bargain is still hanging in the wardrobe with its label on and you look at, maybe touch it, but never wear it.   Now if you had taken the advice of a personal shopper, or even taken her with you, she would have asked you if it fit in with your other clothes, got you to try it on and tell you whether it would work or not and then you could have made an informed decision or even better saved your money and not bought it.

So this is exactly what I did.

My Son got married in December 2017 and I wanted to make sure that I looked amazing (or at least made the best of what nature has given me). So back in 2016 I spoke to Sarah and she asked me some probing questions, about my favourite colours, styles, things I liked and didn’t like. She wrote all this down.

We then had another meeting in the summer of 2017 and she showed me a few things she had been looking at and what did I think of them. All of this was building up a picture in her mind of what she would go and find for me.

Also during this time we kept sending images to each other, if I saw something I popped it into messenger and asked her what she thought. She did the same from her end.   By this time she had built up a picture of what she thought would look good on me.

Sarah then went shopping, found some shoes and a shop that had lots of Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits. She picked out a few but I was unable to attend with her so went later on that week.   I tried them all on and then the assistant brought out a dress and jacket combo from the back. Tried it on, sent a picture to Sarah and asked her what she thought. She asked me if it felt comfortable, how many times had I tried it on, did it make me feel good.   After answering yes to all her questions I bought said outfit.

A few weeks later we went shopping for the accessories and Sarah helped me find a bag and fascinator which went perfectly with the outfit.   Job done. Now here’s the funny part, I said right at the outset I didn’t want purple, Sarah had written this down, guess what colour the outfit was, yet you got it, purple!   Just shows you that you don’t always know what you want or what will suit you.

So the moral of the story is, don’t knock it till you have tried it. Sarah offers many services, sorting out your wardrobe, colour analysis, shopping for a set of clothes that suit your lifestyle, or like me for a special occasion. So what are you waiting for?

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