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10 Top Tips for a Stress Free Suitcase

10 Top Tips for a Stress Free Suitcase
16th July 2019 Sarah Gray
10 Tips for a Stress Free Suitcase

10 Tips for a stress-free suitcase

#Style your suitcase without the stress

Just hearing the word ‘holiday’ is enough to bring a smile to many a face. What’s not to love about jetting off to new countries, climates and cultures – all ready for us to explore? Whether it’s a cruise, city break, honeymoon, family holiday with the kids, jungle trek off the beaten track, Island hop or a good old seaside holiday in Blighty …there’s one thing every holiday has in common – your suitcase.

Have you got room in yours for me?

We go on holiday to escape from stress…so why do we take it with us in our suitcases? Holiday packing needn’t be stressful. Choosing what clothes to take should be just as exciting as imagining where we’ll be when we wear them. And with my suitcase styling tips you’ll never feel stressed with holiday packing again. Here’s my 10 Tips for a stress-free suitcase:


  1. Be prepared and cross-pack/Share some space: We’ve all been there. And we’ve all felt the pangs of anticipation waiting for our suitcase to speed along the carousel…but what if it doesn’t arrive, gets lost or takes a detour for a few days? Panic not. If you’re travelling with friends and family simply swap an outfit or two and make sure that you have underwear and enough clothes to last 24 hours in each other’s cases. That way, if one gets lost – you’re covered. 
  2. Plan ahead: Don’t leave your packing to the last minute. Schedule what items you’ll need and when. If you know you’ll need three costume changes per day – allow for that with your outfits. 
  3. Can you dress it up or down? Combine casual with classy and ensure your clothes are versatile. Ideally each item should team up with two others to create a capsule wardrobe that gives you flexibility on your holidays – so try your outfits on before you pack them. 
  4. Accessorize: That’s another way of saying – smart styling that saves space. Jazz up plain outfits and add a little sparkle – this could be sunglasses, sarong or sandals. Jewellery rolls are great for stopping your necklaces from tangling and take up little space. Shoes are heavy and can dominate your case so choose comfort and colours wisely. 
  5. The only way to roll: I’m sure we all agree, holidays that don’t require travel irons are the best kind. Rather than folding all your clothes and creating lots of lines, roll the heavy items on the bottom of your case, fold the next layer and roll those items on the top layer (think of it as a suitcase sandwich/clothing cake, layer by layer. Tissue paper between each layer will also stop those creases. Carrier bags work just as well and you can use them to separate laundry while you’re away. 
  6. Travel toiletries: Keep your travel toiletries separate to those you keep day to day in your bathroom. That way they’ll always be ready to grab and go in a hurry and you won’t forget your toothbrush. Small size bottles will help you save space – if you’re worried about leaks pop a bit of cling-film around the bottle lid to keep liquids secure. Never leave a complimentary shower hat behind…they’re perfect for wrapping sun tan lotion or sandy shoes. 
  7. Give your make-up bag a break: Pack your essentials when it comes to make-up. In hot climates we all wear less cosmetics so, enjoy the freedom of leaving your make-up bag behind. 
  8. Layer-up: Flights can be chilly so wearing layers to travel not only keeps you comfortable but it allows you to take your bulkiest items and heaviest footwear without affecting your baggage-allowance or crushing jackets and hats. 
  9. Stuff your shoes: Heels and trainers are the perfect size to store your sunglasses, electronics and straighteners. You’ll easily find your items when you unpack and can travel safe in the knowledge that pesky plugs won’t dent your outfits. 
  10. Pocket-sized planning: Pop this matrix inside your passport so you always have a style guide to what essential items you need for a 1-week beach holiday. Feel free to adapt this to suit your style –  if you don’t wear shorts, substitute for a skirt or dress. Or, if you don’t go out in the evenings, swap the heels for flip flops: