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Can colour really convey a message of strength & hopefulness?

Can colour really convey a message of strength & hopefulness?
12th January 2021 Sarah Gray
In Colours, Seasonal trends
Can colour really convey such a message?

This year, we are graced with not one, but two colours from ’The Pantone Color Institute’.

Illuminating & Ultimate Grey

So, that’s yellow and grey to you and I! But can two colours really give us strength and hopefulness? Well, I’d argue that yes they can.

Perhaps you have been one to fall into the comfort of your black loungewear this past year… and quite honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you had! But, lifting up out of that to bring some joy can be achieved with only have to look out into the garden to be inspired and lifted by nature. The colours we wear can have a powerful affect on us too. So, why not try moving from black to grey…keeping that stability with the neutral shade of grey and lifting it with yellow?

It’s a combination of two colours we see often in interior design. And brands using a natural, smokey colour palette such as White Stuff would not hesitate to team these shades together. Yet, most brands will choose block colours allowing us to make our own colour combinations.

How could these show up in your wardrobe?We all have shades of grey that suit us, so you don’t need to be exact in selecting Ultimate Grey, just go with your best grey. If you do fancy a mid tone grey, this gorgeous knit from John Lewis looks super snug.

Yellow is such a happy colour yet it suits those with a warm undertone the best. Loving the yellow knitwear at Boden this season…

So, if you have a cool undertone, I’d recommend you keeping the yellow away from your face. Perhaps a bag instead?
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