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About Sarah

Hi I'm Sarah Gray

I’m a Style Confidence Coach, I help professional women uncover their own unique personal style confidence so they can banish outfit overwhelm, look great and feel fabulous every single day.

Sarah Gray Styling exists to help more women become style confident, and I am committed to offering the simplest, most effective personal style tools and services to help them get there.

I want all my clients to know that there is no perfect body and that they don’t have to change anything about their physical appearance or personality to uncover their own unique style and find their style confidence…they can just be themselves.

My Story

I never envisaged a career as a stylist.

In fact, if I could go back in time and tell the teenager struggling with confidence because of a severe skin condition that she’d be where I am now, it wouldn’t be believed.

During my career in the ‘corporate world’ I soon learned that I loved being a people person and channelled those strengths into what I thought was my favourite job: working for an international firm as their Trainer for the UK and Scandinavia where I spent 80% of my time working face-to-face with clients, building relationships. It was a job that I loved. But it was also a job where personality and appearance counted for everything. Like many, running my own business was a dream during my corporate years. A way to escape the rat race and enjoy the freedom of being my own boss while making a difference to others…except I didn’t know what that role would be.

“I think you should do the styling thing” …

… said my sister in an off the cuff remark during a fateful conversation about my next steps. “You put outfits together so well…you shop in shops I’ve never heard of and you always look stylish” were a few more of her reasons. this was a far cry from the teenage girl quietly going about her business, hiding her skin.

In a ‘now or never’ moment I took the opportunity to step off the 9-5 treadmill and retrain with Colour Me Beautiful. My ethos runs deep. I believe that we are all individuals and should be treated as such. Our clothing, hair and make-up should reflect our personalities and we should be proud to express ourselves for who we are.

I’m just like you, I juggle various areas of life alongside my work. I thrive on helping women with their confidence having learnt to build my own to where I am today.

It’s 2022 and I am celebrating 16 years in business and I can honestly say it is the best feeling ever. I am honoured every time I am invited to help a lovely female business owner like you and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in hundreds and hundreds of women’s lives via their wardrobes.

So, let’s combine clothing with confidence together…and transform how you see yourself as well as your wardrobe.

Right now I’m offering a free…. 30 minute “Discover Your Style” analysis session where we’ll work together to:

  • create a crystal clear vision of your unique style needs
  • uncover any challenges and hidden blocks that may be sabotaging your style confidence or desired results

You’ll leave the session renewed and inspired with a plan to finally get the results and style confidence you have been looking for.

The discover your style session is completely free so if you’d like to have one of those sessions with me, book now.

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