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  • Jan052023

    Jumping on the Vinted Bandwagon… can you really make money from the contents of your wardrobe?

    It felt as if I was the last person on Earth to jump on the Vinted bandwagon. For as long…

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  • Feb282021

    Celebrating 15 years in Style…with a book deal

    “As I celebrate my 15th year in business, the world will be in the depths of a pandemic”…. is most…

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  • Feb072021

    Should you wear red for work?

    Should you wear red for work? Well, if you are cabin crew for a well known British airline, then yes,…

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  • Jan122021

    Can colour really convey a message of strength & hopefulness?

    “…A MESSAGE OF STRENGTH AND HOPEFULNESS THAT IS BOTH ENDURING AND UPLIFTING…” Can colour really convey such a message? This…

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