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Seasonal trends

  • Feb212024
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    Spring is in the air… what jacket will replace my winter coat?

    Following my newsletter last month, where I was talking about layering for warmth.. (a secret layer I wear under my…

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  • Mar042023
    1920s car in black. lady dressed in 1920s black flapper dress with red hat, sitting on roof of car

    What has the invention of the motor car got to do with women’s fashion?

    Who knew there was a day dedicated to dresses? Not me, that’s for sure! But today, Monday 6th March, is…

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  • Jan052023

    Jumping on the Vinted Bandwagon… can you really make money from the contents of your wardrobe?

    It felt as if I was the last person on Earth to jump on the Vinted bandwagon. For as long…

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  • Feb282021

    Celebrating 15 years in Style…with a book deal

    “As I celebrate my 15th year in business, the world will be in the depths of a pandemic”…. is most…

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  • Jan122021

    Can colour really convey a message of strength & hopefulness?

    “…A MESSAGE OF STRENGTH AND HOPEFULNESS THAT IS BOTH ENDURING AND UPLIFTING…” Can colour really convey such a message? This…

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  • Jul162019
    10 Tips for a Stress Free Suitcase

    10 Top Tips for a Stress Free Suitcase

    10 Tips for a stress-free suitcase #Style your suitcase without the stress Just hearing the word ‘holiday’ is enough to…

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  • Jun172019
    Should we shop the sales?

    Should we shop the sales?

    Remember the days when we waited with baited breath for our favourite stores to start their end of season sale?…

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