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Client Love

Client Love

  • First of all thank you Sarah – I feel transformed!

    I can honestly say I have never looked forward so much to opening my wardrobe, as I did the morning after my session with Sarah. 😊 I used to struggle to know what to wear for work and weekends too. I also didn’t know where to start with pairing items together. No longer is this a problem! Sarah helped me declutter my clothes, sorted out my wardrobe and also organised it so well that choosing an outfit is now a piece of cake!
    I even felt inspired after Sarah left to clear out some other drawers of clothes and to use the tips and advice she gave me to declutter those and to create some outfits from those too.

    On the next morning I chose an outfit quickly and easily from my newly organised wardrobe and it was a doddle! I also felt so comfortable in what I was wearing, having had positive comments from Sarah the day before, during our session, and it makes such a difference. I’m so grateful to you Sarah, you’re amazing and an absolute star, and lovely too.

    Having an uncluttered wardrobe and a plan of what I can wear with ease has really made me feel motivated to dress differently and to think more about how to put items together. I’m so impressed and so happy I trusted Sarah to help me.

    If like me you are lacking confidence about your style and your wardrobe then please get a session with Sarah booked in. I can highly recommend her and its one of the best things I have done!

    Karen H

  • An extremely satisfied customer, I just wish that I could have sarah live permanently in my pocket!

    I have had two sessions over the years with Sarah and a group of friends to identify our colours and both have made a tremendous difference to both physically how I dress and my confidence in those items.

    Sarah is warm and professional and truly listens to what you have to say so the end result surpasses all expectations.

    After my last group session I felt like I needed some one on one guidance so asked Sarah to help me shop for the start of a capsule wardrobe. Again, Sarah spent time getting to know me, my likes and dislikes and tailored the time specifically to me. As someone who loathes clothes shopping I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sarah had already completed a pre shop and led me quickly from shop to shop already knowing which pieces I should take a look at but being flexible enough to let me have my ‘head’ at times (animal print!). The outcome of the ‘shop’ is that I have a fabulous start to a capsule wardrobe that meets my brief with multiple outfits all working with other items that I already own. I look like me but better – the Sarah effect!

    Additionally I actually had a lovely time, it was like spending a couple of hours with a particularly clothes and colour savvy best friend who was only interested in making you feel good. If you are dabbling with the idea of speaking to Sarah I would honestly say don’t hesitate – thoroughly recommended.

  • Sarah’s Style Confidence Kickstart Course was brilliant! It gave me permission to dress the way that makes me feel great and to not worry as much about what others think (even my husband!) I really feel that my style confidence has been given a kickstart! Thank you Sarah, I can’t recommend the course highly enough – it really changed my whole perspective!


  • You will find out what works best with different body shapes and styles. You will leave with usable tips to make your wardrobe work for you. No more thinking “what shall I wear today”. Well worth the money and Sarah is never judgemental and in fact leaves you feeling so much better about your body.


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