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Client Love

Client Love

  • I booked in a session with Sarah to help me look and feel more vibrant. I was expecting a full-on makeover and a whole, new wardrobe. What I got instead was an exceptionally friendly and highly personalized approach just for me, my lifestyle and my needs. Sarah asked loads of questions, and researched looks and styles that fitted perfectly into how I go through my days, and what I’m comfortable in. She then showed me how to keep wearing what I know and love, as well as how to tweak, pimp and prime those looks with a high collar here, a bit of feminine detail there, so that I really do now still look just like me , but with a whole lot more punch and colour! She did the same for my makeup; Sarah used my own tried and true products that don’t cost a fortune, to bring more zing to my face, all while teaching me a few tips and tricks to recreate the same, beautiful look myself. Sarah is fun, attentive, unfussy, practical and so, so tasteful. Book her, you’ll love every minute-I did!

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help, you are saving me lots of precious minutes each morning making decisions about what to wear!

    AndreaWest Midlands
  • “Relaxed and it was something I really enjoyed. I loved how you instantly could put things together that I would never even have thought of!”

    Happy client
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I had a slight fear that you would chuck out all my clothes, however, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The process was fun, eye-opening, and insightful. Who knew my clothes reflected my character! It was lovely to discover that I was on the right track but just needed a few tweaks. Sarah Gray is a joy to work with…and makes sure you feel comfortable at all stages of the process. I was uplifted once we’d finished. I’d been armed with the knowledge of putting together a few key pieces that would work (whatever my weight!) and the surprising addition of adding colour to my outfits in unexpected ways.”

    Shelley WWest Midlands

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