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How I work

How we work

From initial consultation through to on-going support.

Initial Consultation

Choose your Style Service

Ongoing Style Advice

Initial Consultation

I start with an initial discover your personal style consultation to understand you as an individual person, this is how we get the best results.

I look at your personality, lifestyle and style goals, as well as the challenges and any hidden blocks that may be sabotaging your desired results.

I then create a Personalised Style Plan so you can take steps towards the results you have been looking for but were unable to find.


Choose your Style Service

Next, you choose the style service that’s right for you and we implement it together. “You’ll enjoy a fun and friendly style experience that’s confidential, professional, honest and open.”

When people hear the words ‘personal stylist’ it evokes fears of baring all, intrusive changing rooms, judgemental comments, expensive designer brands, strict dress rules, costly shopping trips and a critical eye from intimidating fashionistas.

I promise you that’s a world away from working with me. I’m affordable, approachable and considerate. I won’t judge your house or your carpet and curtains – it’s what’s inside your wardrobe that I want to see and it’s your confidence that I care about.

Refresh Style Session

For those who are starting out on your style journey but need a check in to help you on your way.

Sarah Gray - Style Advisor

Style Confidence Day

For those who need a completely wardrobe declutter and reorganisation. So you can finally open your wardrobe and know exactly what to wear and how to wear it.

Total Style Transformation

For those who want complete style confidence from styling to wardrobe revamp and personal shopping.

Ongoing Style Advice

Finally, I’m here to offer you ongoing support and advice when you need it either through my monthly newsletter “Sarah’s Style Scoop”, Seasonal style updates or interactive workshops and trainings.

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