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My ethos has always been to support independent female clothing retailers wherever possible. I believe that our independents are the future of our high streets and I have a strong belief that the best customer service is found in our independent boutiques.


Offering added value to your existing customers and attracting new customers into store are key in today’s retail world especially when the consumer is seeking the best customer service and advice.

My style advice can be employed for a variety of reasons and activities including; workshops, independent retailer training, regular newsletter contributions, photoshoots, talks and presentations, to name a few.

Let’s have a chat so I can tailor a bespoke styling option that’s perfect for your boutique.

She was so helpful and had a lovely way with our customers …

I first called on Sarah Gray for a shopping event in our shop. She was so helpful and had a lovely way with our customers. She went down a storm and it was a great evening.

She has always been a great help and source of information if I’m unsure of anything which has been amazing in recent months.

 Alongside events we also work together on our monthly newsletter and videos of Sarah working through topics like our most recent “Staycation’ video. This has had a great response from our customers.

 Overall Sarah is a very genuine, kind and caring person who I’m so glad works alongside me at Black Diamond and is now considered part of our team.

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