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Refresher Style Session

Refresher Style Session

Check In & New Ideas

2 Hours to review your styling needs

What to expect

Our time together
  • expert colour & style advice throughout
  • new outfit inspiration (from your own wardrobe)
  • suggestions to get you back on track

What you will gain

During the consultation, you will learn:
  • how to pull together outfits from existing garments
  • how to save money by not duplicating garments
  • how to select garments which suit your style
  • how to inject your personality into your outfits
  • actionable suggestions

Price  guide

Virtual or in person 1:1 session, 2 hours


You can upgrade between services by paying only the cost difference – get in touch if you would like to chat through your options.*

*additional mileage charges may apply

For those who have previously undertaken Style Confidence Day or Total Transformation 1:1 sessions and feel a need to check in to stay on track or are looking for new ideas.

During your 2 hour session, I will review your styling needs. Finding out what may have changed for you is key.

We’ll include a Wardrobe Review; I will invite you to show me 6 outfits you love. We will talk about each outfit to determine why you love them. What is it about the garments that you love? Perhaps it is the fabric or the colour or the detail…whatever it is, we will nail it!

Similarly, I will also need to see 5 outfits you do not love – you know those ones – they will be lurking in your wardrobe, unworn. You may put them on sometimes but immediately take them off because they don’t “feel right”, yet you may not fully understanding why that is.

Don’t worry, we will get to the root of why and I will offer you outfit suggestions so that you become more confident shopping your wardrobe.

I will then suggest a plan of action to get you back on track.

This session is also great for those who have a single event approaching and need to pull together a capsule wardrobe. We can work through the requirements of the event and assess your existing garments. I will make general suggestions for any additional garments. An online or in-person shopping session can be added if required.

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